1. I photographed Adult Dude this weekend. Check out some tunes here!

  2. I photographed director/producer/cat dad Brian Phares last weekend with his cat R2-D2.

    Check out some of Brian’s work here!

  3. I photographed Mike Park, personal hero and owner of Asian Man Records, when I was in California the other week.

  4. Anthony Tinnirella. March, 2014

  5. Photos from Thanksgiving in Brooklyn from a roll of film I forgot I had.

  6. I took this photo of Caskitt in the back of an El Camino in San Diego the other week. 

  7. Tom Segura has a new stand up special out on Netflix. I photographed him in 2012 and he’s not only a really funny comedian, but a solid dude. Check out his special here

  8. Went to Las Vegas the other week for my little sisters 21st birthday. Here are two photos I took of her. 

  9. Punknews asked me some questions about photography and music and hanging out in my underwear. Check it out HERE

  10. I made this music video for some friends that play in a band called Chumped from Brooklyn. It was my first time ever working with motion, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It was filmed while I was on tour with them and Adult Dude.

    Off to Las Vegas and California on Wednesday for a couple of shoots. Lots of new work when I return!

  11. Matt and Pam for my Men & Cats project. 

  12. Nick and Molly from last weekend because it was nice enough to hang out on a roof and now it’s snowing again. 

  13. Eric with Pup and Bean for Men & Cats.

    Eric also plays in two really great bands that you should check out:

    Adult Dude. Infinity Hotel.

  14. Bird, 2012

  15. An old scan of a portrait I took of Todd Glass in 2012.