1. Howard Beach snapshots from yesterday.

  2. Here are the first four images from a new project I’ve been working on called “¡Amigos Picante!” Photographing my friends with their favorite hot sauce. Hoping to add a few more this month! Thanks!


  3. World Cup 2014 in Brooklyn.

  4. Long Beach, NY 2014

  5. Rachel at The Met from a few weeks ago. 

  6. Cody Test, 2014

  7. Some photos I took my friend Julie at her house the other week.

  8. Some old shit. Comedian Mike Brown.

  9. My pal Al in Denver a few weeks ago. We’re driving across the country in August to work on a project. Gonna drink so many warm beers in hotel rooms.

  10. I made some pictures of runners and bikers for the National Stroke Association the other week in Fort Greene Park.

  11. Last month I went out to California to shoot a job for the University of California at Santa Cruz Marine Biology department.

    The guy in the second image was my roommate when I lived in Antarctica in 2009. It was really great to see him again and for him to remind me of my anger problem I had every night I played ping pong.

  12. I photographed Adult Dude this weekend. Check out some tunes here!

  13. I photographed director/producer/cat dad Brian Phares last weekend with his cat R2-D2.

    Check out some of Brian’s work here!

  14. I photographed Mike Park, personal hero and owner of Asian Man Records, when I was in California the other week.

  15. Anthony Tinnirella. March, 2014