Lexington, NE 2014

  3. Rachel at the beach house in South Carolina last weekend.

  4. Kyle at my house last week.

  5. Howard Beach snapshots from yesterday.

  6. Here are the first four images from a new project I’ve been working on called “¡Amigos Picante!” Photographing my friends with their favorite hot sauce. Hoping to add a few more this month! Thanks!


  7. World Cup 2014 in Brooklyn.

  8. Long Beach, NY 2014

  9. Rachel at The Met from a few weeks ago. 

  10. Cody Test, 2014

  11. Some photos I took my friend Julie at her house the other week.

  12. Some old shit. Comedian Mike Brown.

  13. My pal Al in Denver a few weeks ago. We’re driving across the country in August to work on a project. Gonna drink so many warm beers in hotel rooms.

  14. I made some pictures of runners and bikers for the National Stroke Association the other week in Fort Greene Park.

  15. Last month I went out to California to shoot a job for the University of California at Santa Cruz Marine Biology department.

    The guy in the second image was my roommate when I lived in Antarctica in 2009. It was really great to see him again and for him to remind me of my anger problem I had every night I played ping pong.